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Avid Hemp Announces ArtCart Cartridge Packaging



Avid Hemp Announces ArtCart Cartridge Packaging
Premium CBD cartridges to ship in boxes that celebrate 20th-century art movements

TAMPA, FL, [July 4, 2019] – Avid Hemp owes its success to its bold vision. After all, the company has become a leading light in an industry that barely existed when Avid Hemp got its start. Its customers are just as bold: when traditional remedies have fallen short, Avid Hemp’s large and growing community has sought better ways of healing, often without much guidance.

This summer, Avid Hemp celebrates that boldness with ArtCart, a series of new art-inspired packaging for its premium CBD vape cartridges. The cartridges themselves will be available in 125 mg, 300 mg, and 500 mg sizes.

The first series of ArtCart packaging harks back more than 100 years to celebrate Cubism, the pre-war movement that represented multiple perspectives in the same painting. Cubism was an especially apt choice to launch the series, and a unanimous one among Avid Hemp’s staff of art fans.

“The idea for an art-inspired packaging series has been floating around our offices for a while now,” notes Avid Hemp [Co-Founder] Jesse Myers. “We’ve been busy for years developing our product line and enhancing our production chain, so a new line of packaging wasn’t a huge priority. On the other hand, it’s important to celebrate success, and the last year has been phenomenal for Avid Hemp. The new packaging is a little way of sharing our interests with our customers, but more importantly, it puts a ribbon on years of hard work and achievement.”

Myers doesn’t overstate Avid Hemp’s commitment to running a tight ship. The company’s devotion to fair pricing has kept its profit margins honorable, and it has traditionally invested those profits back into its business operations, with some money set aside for regular donations to the Cancer Research Institute. That approach has meant straightforward marketing and spartan packaging, which makes the ArtCart project something of a milestone.

Each Cubist-inspired package is customized to reflect one of five available flavors (including an unflavored version), and each contains a supply of CBD vape liquid produced according to Avid Hemp’s exacting standards. The company’s longstanding relationships with hemp growers, its painstaking methods of CBD extraction, and its insistence on rigorous third-party testing throughout the production process mean that Avid Hemp’s customers can continue to rely on the same unbeatably pure, consistent, and economical product they’ve enjoyed for years. Just in fanciful packaging.

After the Cubist series, where will the ArtCart series turn? Myers can’t say for sure, but Avid Hemp’s staff have come up with some interesting suggestions.

“We’ve had fun brainstorming the next series,” he recalls. “We could do an Escher-inspired package that can’t be opened, or a Duchamp one that looks sealed but isn’t. A Magritte box containing a pipe, or labeled ‘Not a vape cartridge.’ Or a three-foot-tall box honoring Claes Oldenburg.

“We’ve got plenty of viable ideas, too,” laughs Myers. “The important thing is that we’ll be marking a period of enormous growth and service to our customers. This is serious business, and the stakes are high both for us as a company and for the community we’ve developed with our customers. We spend most of our time with our noses to the grindstone, thinking about little improvements we can make to our sourcing, production, and distribution operations. Our customers tend to find us after lots of hard work and independent research, and we’re grateful that they do. The ArtCart line lets us relax a bit and share some of our other passions with them. I think they’ll like what they see, and what we have in store for them down the line.”

To learn more about all the ways Avid Hemp is bringing the benefits of CBD to the world, or to find out what little niceties they’re planning next, please contact Jesse Myers at 813-616-6501 or


Avid Hemp has one goal: to give its customers top-quality CBD products that actually work. Founded in 2017, the company distributes a wide range of premium CBD items worldwide, both directly and through its affiliate program.

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