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Looking to partner with a CBD brand you can trust and make revenue to build your platform? We have an excellent affiliate program just for you.

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Once people that you know see how much you enjoy Avid Hemp products, it’s easy for them to start making purchases. We have found that networking socially on Facebook brings great returns. By simply posting your affiliate link with a picture of a Avid Hemp products, people will be curious and will ask questions. Once they visit the site from your affiliate link and make purchases, you will begin generating commissions.

We provide you with many types of banners and texts links for your website. Please direct all Affiliate Account questions: contact us.

No, you can still become an affiliate and send your affiliate link in emails and post on Facebook and twitter. I have also seen other affiliates do a short youtube video on the products and post their link at bottom of the video.

With this affiliate program you do not have to purchase and resell anything. The way you get paid commission is from referrals through your affiliate link. We do all order fulfillment for you.

Fill out the form in shareasale site will only take you a few minutes.

Avid Hemp Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in making extra money? Maybe a complete career change? In this case, affiliate marketing can give you the opportunity you’ve been looking for. To clarify, you can control your income by generating traffic to our website. You will receive a percentage of all sales from any traffic you generate. As a result, you get to control your own schedule and do creative marketing!

Be Hands Off

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you are only responsible for maximizing the relevant traffic you send to AVID Hemp. In fact, we’ll take care of the manufacturing, shipping, and customer service. Which means, you just have to get the traffic there. You can sell CBD products without doing the work. As long as you stick to reflecting our brand and message accurately, you have complete creative control.

Focus on Your Audience

As an affiliate marketer, the way you earn the most money is by sending over traffic with high volume and relevancy. To make this happen, you should send as many people to your affiliate partner as possible. The traffic that would likely be interested in actually buying high quality CBD is the best traffic. Good affiliate marketers know this and make good money by focusing on their audience. If you have no experience in affiliate marketing, that shouldn’t deter you from joining our program. People want to buy high quality CBD products – it’s an easy product to market If you are interested in joining our team and signing up as a CBD Affiliate marketer, please contact us directly. You can find additional contact information on our Contact page on the website.