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Avid Hemp Announces Chill Gel

Avid Hemp


Avid Hemp Announces Chill Gel

TAMPA, FL, JULY 19, 2019 – Avid Hemp proudly announces its newest product, CBD Chill Gel. The topical gel offers the same benefits as other menthol-based treatments for muscle pain, with the added benefit of premium CBD for an extra dimension of nerve-calming relief.

Repetitive movements, physically demanding work, and long sedentary stretches can all leave us feeling achy at the end of the day. And we run the same risks in our free time: committed athletes and weekend warriors all know that too often the cost of a successful workout today is stiffness and pain tomorrow. That’s why Avid Hemp developed its new gel.

The company has long focused on CBD’s most crucial applications—its proven success in helping patients manage anxiety, PTSD, and the pain associated with conditions like MS—and has recently added more workaday products like its popular line of lip balms. Chill Gel represents something of a middle ground: a powerful, natural remedy for temporary pain that’s expressly designed to get athletes of all stripes back in the game.

Chill Gel includes natural menthol, which stimulates the skin’s cold receptors. This diminishes the ability of surrounding tissues to send pain signals to the brain. Severe strains and sprains still get the message through, but menthol suppresses enough of the body’s natural inclination to exaggerate the extent of minor muscle pain to allow freer movement and faster healing.

Athletes have been using menthol-based treatments—and their counterparts, capsaicin- and salicylate-based heating ointments—for decades. And with good reason: treating a minor injury too gingerly can invite unnecessary stiffness in the affected area, and favoring an aching muscle places undue burdens on others, which increases the chances of further injury. Simply put, the best medicine is sometimes to treat the pain, but not to baby it.

But traditional menthol-based treatments only go so far. Each one-ounce bottle of Chill Gel contains 50 mg of the same painstakingly sourced and extracted CBD that goes into Avid Hemp’s other products. Its formula is designed for unparalleled absorption, delivering CBD deep within the affected area to soothe ragged nerves, reduce the inflammation that often accompanies muscle soreness, and get users back to their accustomed routines.

To complement the one-two punch of menthol and CBD, Avid Hemp added natural soothing agents including aloe vera, tea tree oil, and organic arnica. Put it all together in a convenient one-ounce package, and you’ve got serious topical therapy for minor aches and pains that can go wherever it’s needed.


Avid Hemp has one goal: to give its customers top-quality CBD products that actually work. Founded in 2017, the company distributes a wide range of premium CBD items worldwide, both directly and through its affiliate program.

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