TAMPA, FL, [March 31, 2019] – Avid Hemp’s customers know that they’ll be getting premium CBD products at prices that reflect the company’s commitment to doing well by doing good. Already notable for its charitable contributions, Avid Hemp is proud to announce that it has joined the effort to develop the domestic hemp market through its membership in the National Hemp Association.

The NHA represents thousands of farmers, entrepreneurs, processors, manufacturers, researchers, investors, organizations, and businesses of all sizes who together drive the emerging hemp industry. From its headquarters in Washington, D.C., and through nearly 50 affiliate organizations, the NHA provides education, legislative support, and business-development guidance to an industry that thrives on those things as it grows and matures.
“Manufacturers and suppliers can sometimes see things differently,” observes Avid Hemp co-founder Jesse Myers with a smile. “Negotiations sometimes take a while. But in our industry, we’re united by a need for clear, supportive legislation and policy, and occasionally by the need for support as our businesses grow. And it’s not just us: researchers, equipment manufacturers, and investors need those same things.

“That’s why we’re so happy to be joining the NHA. Avid Hemp has always had a clear vision of how it wanted to operate as a business: low overhead, rigorous QC, and connection with our customers. We’ve achieved a level of success that lets us share the benefits of our experience with others in the industry, and to learn from them while maintaining the character that’s so important to us. We’ve had some good ideas about how to run a business, and we’re thrilled to contribute our ideas about how to shape a market.”

The stakes are high: once the most widely cultivated crop in the U.S., hemp is now imported to the tune of $150 million per year. Getting back to our roots means more jobs, greater control over an important industrial and medicinal commodity, and a significant step toward a more sustainable economy.

To learn more about how Avid Hemp and the NHA are moving hemp from an alternative crop to a mainstream commodity, please contact us at or 877-957-0774.


Avid Hemp has one goal: to give its customers top-quality CBD products that actually work. Founded in 2017, the company distributes a wide range of premium CBD items worldwide, both directly and through its affiliate program.


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