Find Your CBD Match Based on Your Musical Genre

These days it can feel like the wild west when shopping for CBD products. There are just so many varieties of products and strains online it can easily be overwhelming. For a fun and funky alternative why not try pairing your musical tastes to their CBD matches? Read on to discover what your musical genres CBD soulmate is.

CBD Flower Hip Hop

CBD Flower

Are you an OG who can get down with some tight lyrical game? If you live for artists spitting out fire and some funky beats, chances are you gravitate towards the ‘classic’ smoking experience.  CBD flower is a great match as not only does it look and smell like its cannabis counterpart, but the smoking experience is identical! You can choose from a variety of unique strains like Hawaiian Haze and Sour Space Candy.

CBD Gummies

Do you shine bright like a diamond? Are you as sweet as an extra in a Katy Perry music video?  If you live life in a candy colored palette and are a pop music aficionado you will love CBD gummies. For a travel friendly treat that also provides relaxation and ease of stress CBD gummies are ideal. These candies come in a variety of fruit flavors and are also vegan.

Avid Hemp CBD Gummies Relax and Sleep
CBD Oils Avid Hemp


For those cool cats who appreciate the simplicity and smoothness of a sexy saxophone solo why not soak up CBD goodness as a luxurious oil? Jazz aficionados love the classics and it doesn’t get more classic than CBD Oil. A CBD oil tincture is the superior choice for those looking to reap the multitude of benefits of hemp oil in its purest form. Oil tinctures can easily be incorporated into your daily routine and can be taken solo or mixed into your beverage of choice.

cbd country rock

CBD Topicals

Can you easily bounce between a rock show and a tough mudder? Would your friends describe you as a ‘rough around the edges’ gal or guy who truly likes to live life to the fullest? If you love the pure adrenaline and energy of Rock and Country, CBD Topicals are the perfect antidote to your hard hitting lifestyle. CBD Topicals or Relief Balm, is a cooling salve that provides the most effective and natural pain relief. Simply rub the balm wherever you are experiencing any aches or tenderness and allow this handcrafted CBD miracle to work its soothing magic!

Avid Hemp CBD Gummies Relax and Sleep

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