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Avid Hemp Seeks Sponsorship Deal with Sports Team

TAMPA, FL, [May 21, 2019] – In less than three years, Avid Hemp has become one of the country’s leading producers of premium CBD products. Today, the company announces plans to celebrate its success and increase its visibility in the most American way possible: by sponsoring a sports team. Avid Hemp is pursuing the idea with its usual diligence, and has not yet begun negotiations; interested parties should contact the company for a prospectus.

Just last year, the idea of a CBD company sponsoring professional athletes seemed outlandish. Things change quickly in the CBD industry, though. The country’s growing understanding of CBD and its growing appreciation for CBD’s healing properties have led an increasing number of leagues, teams, and athletes to align themselves publicly with CBD producers.

“On the face of it, CBD sponsorship just makes sense,” notes Avid Hemp [ Events coordinator] Linsay Franks. “Athletes push through all sorts of minor injuries that would sideline most of us, and they carry a lot of physical pain from day to day. Partnering with a company that makes safe, natural, proven pain-relieving formulas is far more on-brand for most athletes than promoting junk food.”

In 2019, a growing number of teams have begun to agree with Franks. An entire professional basketball league—the BIG3—recently signed an exclusive partnership with a CBD company. Teams and athletes from across the sporting world have followed suit. The Portland Pickles baseball team and the Las Vegas Lights soccer club recently struck CBD sponsorship deals, as has PGA golfer Bubba Watson. This year’s Indy 500 will even feature a team sponsored by a CBD company.

So which team will Avid Hemp sponsor? “The right one,” says Franks. “We’ve got great relationships with the growers and laboratory technicians who help us produce and test our products, and we expect that we’ll have a great relationship with whomever we sponsor.”

To learn more about how Avid Hemp is taking CBD into the mainstream, or to inquire about a sponsorship deal, please contact us at or 877-957-0774.


Avid Hemp has one goal: to give its customers top-quality CBD products that actually work. Founded in 2017, the company distributes a wide range of premium CBD items worldwide, both directly and through its affiliate program.


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