CBD Chapstick

Chapped Lips are a Pain

Dry, chapped lips are a pain. Probably not the biggest one you’ll endure in a day, sure, but a nagging nuisance that can’t be covered up. When wind, sun, and dry air wreak havoc with your hair, you can always wear a hat. Most of the rest of you can be covered up and protected from the elements. But not your lips. They have work to do, and like it or not they’ve got to brave the worst of hot summer winds and dry winter air, even if it means that they end up chapped, cracked, and wrinkled.

Most of us carry a stick of waxy lip balm for times like those, and while the effect is something like kissing a candle just after you’ve blown it out, it’s something. For every so-so healthcare product, there’s an overpriced luxury version, and plenty of fancy lip balms are available, making plenty of suspicious promises in exchange for plenty of your dollars.

Avid Hemp’s new CBD chapstick gives you all the benefits promised by expensive luxury lip balms at a fraction of the price, and with all the convenience of your trusty waxy stick.

When we set about designing and formulating our CBD chapstick, we decided early on that we wanted to give our customers exactly what they liked about their old sticks, and plenty more besides. So along with its convenient form, our stick offers the same strong protection against the elements that we’ve all grown used to.

That’s where the difference ends. Using the same ultra-pure CBD that powers our entire product line, our CBD chapstick immediately sets about repairing cracked and chapped lips, encouraging moisturization, and returning lips to their full, healthy shape and color. It might even turn the clock back farther than this morning: CBD’s proven antioxidant and anti-ageing properties can have wonderful rejuvenating effects on lips that have lost a bit of plumpness over the years.

Your lips will thank you, but the benefits don’t stop there. When they’re not cowering from the cold or withering in the wind, our lips are especially rich with blood. That means that every application of Avid Hemp’s CBD chapstick introduces a tiny amount of CBD into your system. Your whole body will benefit from CBD’s calming, restorative qualities while your lips return to their usual glory.

All of this goodness is delivered with a fresh hint of peppermint: nothing too strong, nothing too exotic, just a pleasant reminder that your lips are refreshed and well looked after. The stick’s generous 100mg size is designed to help you through winter and summer and back again, while still being small enough to take wherever you go.

Your lips keep you eating, drinking, and talking. They deserve a little treat. Avid Hemp’s CBD chapstick is available now from our online store.

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