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About Avid Hemp CBD Topicals

Why are so many people slathering themselves silly with CBD cream? Simple answer: it feels fantastic! Whether you’re looking for a post-workout edge or a gentle skincare boost, Avid Hemp’s CBD cream might have something special to offer you. See for yourself why CBD lotion is “spreading” in popularity. Avid Hemp now offers many skin-safe CBD balms that help moisturize your skin without leaving a greasy feeling behind. As a bonus, all of our hemp-derived lotions contain potent secondary compounds to help relieve joint pain and stiffness.

Avid Hemp CBD Cream FAQ

When people first hear about CBD topicals, they tend to be skeptical about the product’s potency. Heck, some people might even consider CBD cream to be a scam. “How,” these skeptics ask, “could a CBD cream possibly penetrate the skin’s pores?” Well, recent research strongly suggests the endocannabinoid system (ECS) isn’t just inside our bodies—it’s on the outside as well! That’s right, it appears we have cannabinoid receptors on the skin’s surface that might absorb CBD. For those who aren’t aware, the ECS is a bodily system that plays a significant role in regulating sleep, hunger, pain, and balance. While researchers are still investigating the intricacies of the ECS, it appears to interact directly with cannabinoids like CBD. Although the effects of topical CBD might not be as pronounced as CBD tinctures, these lotions seem to have a localized impact. This new understanding of the ECS could explain why many of our customers report noticeable effects after using our CBD creams.

Typically, customers get interested in CBD cream for one of two reasons: achy muscles or itchy skin. Let’s take a closer look at what science says about these two common uses for CBD cream.

If you’re one of the millions of people suffering from achy joints and muscles, then CBD cream might provide some relief. Although CBD oil is no replacement for traditional medical care, a few studies suggest it could play a supporting role in your treatment regimen. One of the best-known studies on topical CBD and arthritis was published in the European Journal of Pain in 2015. For this trial, University of Kentucky researchers applied a daily dose of CBD cream to a group of mice with knee arthritis. After a few days, the study authors noted the mice treated with CBD seemed to have a significant reduction in inflammation. But it’s not just arthritis patients that are interested in taking advantage of CBD’s supposed anti-inflammatory effects. Indeed, CBD muscle balm has become almost as ubiquitous as energy drinks in today’s locker rooms. Many athletes are now touting the benefits of using CBD topicals after tough workouts. Just a tiny dose of CBD muscle balm might help you achieve your fitness goals. To offer our customers a superior CBD experience, Avid Hemp now sells a potent balm called CBD Chill Gel. Packed with 100 mg of hemp-derived CBD, each CBD Chill Gel bottle has strong traces of menthol to provide an intense cooling sensation. Avid Hemp’s 100 mg CBD muscle balm also contains traces of healing compounds like tea tree oil and aloe vera. To find out more about our expertly-crafted CBD muscle balm, be sure to take a peek at this link.

A common question people ask us is whether CBD creams could get rid of that dreaded sign of old age: wrinkles. Unfortunately, we still don’t have conclusive evidence on CBD’s anti-aging benefits.

However, some customers have told us our CBD creams helped improve their complexion. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties could slow the progression of wrinkles, but we don’t know for sure. So, we’re sorry to report that the jury’s still out on this hot button issue.

Thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, CBD enthusiasts can share their passion for hemp on countless forums and blogs. Since CBD creams have become all the rage in recent years, it’s no surprise many people are posting DIY CBD topical recipes all over the Internet. There are many ways to make a successful CBD topical, but one of the simplest methods is to combine your desired amount of Avid Hemp’s CBD oil with either shea butter or coconut oil. If you want to add a bit of fragrance, squirt a few drops of your favorite skin-safe essential oil and mix well. Alternatively, you could also use Avid Hemp’s premium CBD flower in your DIY CBD cream. Just keep in mind, you must heat your CBD flower before adding it to your preferred carrier oil. This heating process (known as decarboxylation) transforms inactive CBD-A into the CBD our bodies can absorb. There are a few ways you could successfully “decarb” your hemp flowers, but most people put them in the oven at 220° F for about 30 minutes. Once the hemp flowers cool off, feel free to mix them in whatever oil you want to use.

To find Avid Hemp’s full catalog of CBD oils, be sure to follow this link. You could also click on this page to see our high-CBD hemp flower.

Since CBD infusedcreams go on your skin, it’s no surprise that people with skin issues are interested in these products. Even though research is in its initial phases, studies suggest CBD cream might play a decisive role in skincare. For instance, onestudy out of the University of Kuopio examined the effects of hempseed oil on patients with atopic dermatitis. Amazingly, many of the patients who used this oil felt comfortable reducing their prescription skin creams during the study. Most study participants also said they felt greater skin comfort using a regular dose of hempseed oil. Newresearch out of Italy also suggests CBD oils and creams could help patients manage common skin conditions like psoriasis. Study authors also noted CBD cream might reduce the appearance of scars when applied twice per day for at least three months. There’s also evidence that CBD cream could have a positive effect on another common skin complaint: acne. According to a worldwide study published in 2014, a pure CBD ointment might reduce oil secretion in the skin, thus reducing acne’s severity. Scientists also suggested that CBD topical lotions might help soothe skin inflammation. So, if you’re someone who frequently struggles with skin issues, you might want to try Avid Hemp’s CBD cream. Our high-quality CBD topical might keep your skin healthy and well-moisturized without feeling greasy.

Please keep in mind, the FDA has not evaluated any of the claims made on Avid Hemp’s website. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. Avid Hemp always recommends speaking with a certified doctor before taking any CBD product.

On average, CBD topicals only begin to lose their potency after about one year. To naturally extend your CBD cream’s shelf-life, we strongly recommend storing your container in a dark, cool space. Please avoid placing CBD creams near hot surfaces or lights, as both of these will quickly degrade the product’s effects. For specific info on your CBD cream’s shelf-life, be sure to look at the official expiration date on the product’s label. Of course, you could always reach out to Avid Hemp’s staff if you have any questions about our products’ longevity.

Avid Hemp Now Has Top-Shelf CBD Cream For Sale

If you’d like to add a CBD cream to your skincare routine, we strongly encourage you to go with a respected brand like Avid Hemp.

All of our broad-spectrumCBD lotions contain ultra-purified cannabidiol from sustainably grown hemp plants. Our manufacturers also take great care only to add potent secondary compounds that help support the CBD. Alongside our line of CBD balms, Avid Hemp also offers a CBD massage oil for professional masseurs or physical therapists. Every bottle of our CBD massage oil contains 300 mg of hemp extract as well as a healthy dose of lavender to help your clients de-stress. To find out more about our CBD massage oil, be sure to follow this link. If you have any questions about Avid Hemp’s CBD cream, please reach out to our customer service department at (877) 957-0774. You could also send us an email on this official Contact Us page.