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CBD Simplicity – Try Avid Hemp’s Convenient CBD Capsules

Want a simple way to work CBD into your day? Try Avid Hemp’s CBD capsules! Similar to daily multivitamins, CBD capsules are easy-to-swallow pills that deliver a healthy dose of hemp into your body. Instead of fussing with grinders, vaporizers, or tincture droppers, all you have to do is pop a CBD pill in your mouth, swallow with a little water, and you’re done! CBD capsules are a fantastic option for folks who do a lot of traveling or who want a discreet way to dose CBD. Avid Hemp is proud to offer many high-quality CBD pills for sale on our website. No matter what quantity of pills you purchase, we guarantee you’ll enjoy the potency and purity of our hemp-derived CBD capsules. As with all of our other products, Avid Hemp sends our CBD capsules to third-party labs to verify there’s less than 0.3 percent THC content. If you have any questions about CBD capsules, then we suggest reading through the items listed below. 

Avid Hemp CBD Capsules FAQ

CBD capsules are like any other dietary supplement—except they have cannabidiol! In fact, if you’re familiar with omega-3 pills, then you already have an idea of what our CBD capsules look like. Even people who are intimidated by large pills don’t have an issue taking our easy-to-swallow CBD soft gels. Please keep in mind, Avid Hemp’s capsules are all full-spectrum CBD products. This means the hemp extract in each pill has traces of other compounds like secondary cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes. Many scientists now believe all of the compounds naturally present in hemp work together to produce the highest possible benefit. Customers who purchase Avid Hemp’s CBD capsules can use this “entourage effect” to their advantage. Although there might be traces of THC in our CBD capsules, we guarantee there’s never more than 0.3 percent. You will not feel a psychoactive “high” sensation after swallowing our pure CBD pills

Every CBD product has its pros and cons, including CBD capsules. Below, we’ll focus on a few of the positive features associated with these discreet pills. CBD Capsules Are Crazy Convenient A common reason people prefer CBD capsules over other methods has to do with their convenience. Unlike smoking hemp flower or squirting a dropperful of CBD tincture, it only takes a few seconds to swallow a CBD capsule. Plus, since these pills look like most other supplements, you could easily conceal your CBD tablets at work. Anyone looking for a discreet and convenient way to get a reliable dose of CBD will most enjoy our CBD capsules. There’s No Grassy Aftertaste Another advantage CBD capsules have over other CBD products is they are tasteless. This is especially good news if you’re someone who struggles with taking CBD tinctures. On the flipside, anyone who’s got a sweet tooth should take a peek at our extensive CBD gummies catalog. And don’t worry if you’re on a diet; Avid Hemp has plenty of vegan-friendly Hemp Gummies for sale. You’ll Have No Issues Dosing CBD Capsules Customers who like to track how much CBD they take daily will love how easy it is to dose CBD capsules. Each Avid Hemp cannabis oil capsule contains precisely 500 mg of activated hemp flower extract. This info makes it easy to figure out the best CBD dosages for you. For accurate results, we strongly recommend keeping a journal to track how different doses of CBD affect you. CBD Capsules Have Long-Lasting Effects This last point could be a pro or a con depending on how you like to experience CBD. Since CBD capsules have to go through your digestive tract, they don’t have as immediate an impact as smokable hemp flower or CBD tinctures. Instead, CBD capsules tend to have a more subtle and longer-lasting effect on users. So, people who want a less potent and more sustained CBD experience might appreciate the effects associated with CBD capsules. Indeed, CBD capsules are particularly useful for employees who like using CBD on workdays. If you’re more interested in exploring the direct effects of smokable hemp or CBD tinctures, please don’t forget that Avid Hemp offers both of these products in our online catalog.

The supplements industry is notorious for adding loads of unnecessary chemicals and preservatives to products. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD or nutritional supplements, customers are understandably wary about spending their hard-earned money on CBD capsules. To put your mind at ease, Avid Hemp only uses two ingredients in our CBD capsule formula: MCT oil and whole hemp plant extract. We also put our hemp through a technologically sophisticated CO2 extraction procedure that removes all potential toxins and solvents. But you don’t have to rely on our claims before purchasing your CBD capsules. Every product listed on Avid Hemp goes through rigorous third-party lab screenings to check for cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals. For your convenience, we include a list of our latest CBD lab results onthis webpage. You could also contact us directly at (877) 957-0774 if you have further questions about our products.

No matter how much we learn about CBD absorbability, you will have to do a bit of experimentation to find your optimal CBD dosage. Since everyone has a different metabolism, there’s never going to be a “standard CBD dosage.” If you’re new to CBD, we suggest starting with one of our CBD capsules every day and tracking your results. You could increase this dose by one tablet per day until you achieve the results you’re looking for. Please remember that CBD capsules take longer to have an effect versus tinctures. Wait at least one hour for the CBD to enter your bloodstream before you decide to take another capsule. Although side effects related to CBD aren’t common, they aren’t unheard of at higher-than-average doses. If you experience any adverse reactions like nausea, headaches, or digestive problems, stop taking CBD for one day and then resume at a lower dosage.

In addition to our standard CBD pills, Avid Hemp now offers Nighttime CBD Capsules for sale. Customers interested in getting a good night’s sleep might want to take a closer look at this unique formula. The only difference between our standard capsules and our Nighttime Formula is that the Nighttime pills have 8.33 mg of the sleep hormone melatonin per tablet. Like our other capsules, each of our Nighttime CBD tablets has a blend of whole plant hemp extract and MCT oil. To help support relaxation with our Nighttime CBD Capsules, we recommend practicing a few healthy sleep routines every night. For instance, shut off all electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bed to help your body wind down. You might also want to take a warm Epsom salt bath when you’re particularly stressed. Putting all of these strategies together could help you achieve a seriously satisfying snooze. By the way, Avid Hemp also offers our CBD Nighttime Formula in a tincture form. Since you can take this product sublingually, it often has a more potent effect than our CBD Nighttime Capsules. If you’d like to learn more about our CBD Nighttime Tincture, please click on this link.

Even though CBD is the same compound in edibles, oils, and capsules, that doesn’t mean all of these products have the same effect. In fact, different CBD products could have a significantly different impact on users.  One of the great debates on CBD forums today is whether CBD oils or CBD capsules are “better.” Honestly, both of these products have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s impossible to claim one is “superior” to the other. Choosing between these two popular products depends on what you want to get out of the CBD experience. People looking for a high-potency product with fast-acting effects will most enjoy Avid Hemp’s flavored and unflavored CBD oils catalog. To get the most benefit out of our CBD oils, place your desired dosage underneath your tongue, and hold for a few seconds before swallowing. This simple method will help you absorb CBD directly into your bloodstream. CBD capsules, on the other hand, are ideal for people who want subtler and longer-lasting effects. As already mentioned, CBD capsules take more time to work through the digestive system, which means they aren’t as potent as our oils. If you’re someone who wants a gentle sense of CBD throughout the day, we suggest starting with our CBD capsules.

Unless otherwise specified, you should always take CBD capsules after eating a filling meal. Since your digestive enzymes are already processing food in your tummy, there’s a higher chance they will fully break down your CBD tablets. Typically, your liver will have an easier time absorbing more CBD using this simple hack. Although you could use CBD capsules on an empty stomach, you probably won’t enjoy as robust results as taking them with food. At the very least, eat a healthy snack like a granola bar or a cup of yogurt before taking your CBD oil pills.

Before you add our CBD capsules to your supplements regime, we encourage you to speak with your primary care physician. Although CBD is generally well-tolerated, it could adversely interact with certain medications. You should get the green light from your doctor before experimenting with any of Avid Hemp’s products. Please remember all of the statements made on our website haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid all CBD products unless they have approval from a trusted doctor.

Try Avid Hemp’s Ultra-Purified CBD Capsules

Whether you’re interested in our CBD pills for sale or another product, Avid Hemp promises you will enjoy a pure CBD experience.

Avid Hemp only works with farms that meet our high standards for non-GMO, sustainable hemp. Once we receive these cannabidiol-rich buds in our shop, our technicians use the latest in CO2 extraction technology to squeeze out all the CBD goodness without any harmful toxins. To protect all of our customers, we screen all of our CBD products to make sure there’s less than 0.3 percent THC. We also list all of our lab results online for full transparency. If you’re curious about our full line of CBD capsules, you could click on any of the bottles listed below. FYI: Avid Hemp now offers free shipping on all orders over $100 and a generous 30-day refund policy.  If you still have questions about our products and services, please send us an email at Sales@Avidhempcbd.com.