How Spa Owners and Massage Therapists can use CBD

How Spa Owners and Massage Therapists can use CBD

With everything from CBD vape pens to CBD spiked ice cream stocking the shelves, it is safe to say that CBD products have entered the mainstream. However, many people still think of CBD as something that needs to be smoked or ingested when in reality there is a world of topical CBD products waiting to be discovered. Topical CBD products, such as lotions, creams, oils, or salves are applied directly to the skin and are able to bypass the liver and reach your bloodstream without being broken down. Consequently, when CBD is applied topically the permeability is 10x higher than THC. This high degree of permeability allows for quick relief for those who suffer from arthritis, chronic joint pain, skin problems, or just achy muscles. Those who work in the wellness space and cater to clients with specific physical needs have been keen to harness the powers of CBD massage. In fact,  a well executed CBD massage or facial treatment is the perfect way to distinguish your spa or wellness center’s services.  


What is a CBD Massage?

So what is a CBD Massage and how does it work? During a CBD treatment your licensed massage therapist will use a CBD massage oil to gently massage sore or tight areas of your body. Since this oil contains CBD it will aid your body in relaxing and allow your therapist to work deeper within your muscles. Rather than numbing your body, CBD laced oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is believed to help modulate pain and inflammation. Indeed, the way in which CBD oil can penetrate through the skin makes it ideal for isolated pain management.  


Who can benefit from a CBD Massage?

Almost anyone who suffers from anxiety, tension, or stress would be a lovely recipient to a luxurious CBD massage! Although, those who have more serious issues of chronic pain, inflammation, and even arthritis have the most to gain from a CBD therapeutic treatment. Research suggests the use of CBD topicals to be effective in reducing joint swelling and relieving pain and inflammation in those with arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. If you live an extremely active lifestyle, or are a professional athlete, CBD oil coupled with sports massage is a unique combination that can aid in decreasing healing time. This allows athletes to manage their pain from both new and old injuries as well as creating a shorter recovery time.  


Facial Treatments

CBD or hemp based creams and/or serums also make an excellent addition to any facial massage. Since hemp is loaded with fatty acids, it makes for an extremely moisturizing and calming beauty treatment. In fact, hemp has long been touted for its anti-aging properties in the skincare and cosmetic industry.  In particular, those who suffer from more serious skin conditions, such as eczema, severe acne, and psoriasis can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD cream.

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