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About Avid Hemp CBD Keto Oil

Initially developed for epileptic children, the keto diet has swiftly become one of the 21st century’s hottest health trends. Incredibly, recent surveys suggest keto could dominate how we think about dieting for at least another decade. Adherents to this high-fat, no-carb diet swear it has helped them lose weight, reduce inflammation, and feel a tremendous surge of energy.

To help keto fans achieve their goals, Avid Hemp recently created a special CBD oil with your dietary needs in mind. Made with fractionated coconut oil and whole-plant hemp extract, our CBD Keto Oil will help you feel CBD’s benefits without falling out of ketosis. Even if you’re not on the keto diet, our CBD Keto Oil might significantly boost your health.

Are you interested in how CBD could influence the keto diet? If so, be sure to read through a few of these FAQs.

Avid Hemp Keto Diet Oil FAQ

The primary reason keto dieters deprive themselves of carbs is to initiate a process called “ketosis.” Without carbs floating in your system, your body will start burning fat cells for energy. Specifically, the liver will convert fat cells into molecules known as “ketones,” hence the term “keto.”

Since ketosis is central to the keto diet, many people have questions about CBD’s effects on this process. Thankfully, there’s no evidence to suggest CBD will impede your ability to enter ketosis. In fact, some keto dieters say CBD oil might help people transition into this state.
Most significantly, studies suggest that hemp oil is a natural source of fatty acids like omega-3s. Since keto practitioners focus on high-fat foods like salmon and eggs, this high concentration of fatty acids fits perfectly with the keto lifestyle.

Keto practitioners also believe CBD oil could make it easier to avoid unpleasant “ketosis flu” symptoms. After cutting off carbs, it’s normal for keto dieters to experience withdrawal symptoms like headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Since CBD seems to have natural anti-inflammatory properties, it might reduce the severity of these side effects.

As a bonus, there’s also evidence that CBD might reduce the body’s stress response. By promoting emotional wellbeing, CBD could make it easier for new dieters to resist carb cravings in the early stages of ketosis.

The keto diet is well known for busting belly fat, but did you know CBD also shows great promise as a weight-loss supplement? Although research is ongoing, there have been a few trials that suggest CBD might help manage your waistline.

To understand how CBD could help with weight loss, we must discuss the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Discovered in the 20th century, the ECS is an intricate system of cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids that helps maintain balance. Significantly for keto dieters, the ECS appears to influence areas such as our metabolism and appetite.

Since CBD interacts with the ECS, it might play a significant role in weight management. For instance, one trial out of the UK found that rats who took CBD appeared to have a reduced appetite. So, if you’re someone who struggles with stress eating, CBD might minimize your food cravings.

There’s also fascinating evidence out of Italy that suggests CBD might convert white fat into brown fat. The reason dieters love brown fat is because it could naturally burn calories. On the other hand, white fat is the standard “stored fat” that contributes to chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues.

Please keep in mind the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t reviewed any of the health claims on our website. None of Avid Hemp’s products are intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions. Please speak with your primary care physician before adding CBD to your daily routine.

The easiest way to take our CBD Keto Oil is to grab a measuring spoon, pour your daily dose, and swallow. While this method is simple and effective, it might be a tad dull for some folks. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other creative ways to work our CBD Keto Oil into your system.

For instance, many coffee addicts love plopping our CBD Keto Oil into a jug of java. If you’re more of a smoothie person, then consider adding a dollop of CBD Keto Oil to your morning blend.

We’ve also heard of customers mixing our CBD Keto Oil into salad dressings, vinaigrettes, and condiments. Heck, you could even drizzle our CBD Keto Oil on meals, sauces, and dark chocolate desserts! Let your culinary creativity go crazy as you experiment with our CBD Keto Oil.

At Avid Hemp, we believe in the power of purity and simplicity. You’ll only find two essential ingredients in every bottle of our CBD Keto Oil: fractionated coconut oil and whole-plant hemp extract. You could rest assured we only use the highest-quality American-grown hemp in all of our premium CBD goods. We also put our hemp buds through a rigorous CO2 extraction technology to eliminate potential toxins and solvent residue.

If you’re looking for the purest CBD supplement for your keto lifestyle, please give our CBD Keto Oil a try. For more details on any of Avid Hemp’s products, feel free to reach out to us at (877) 957-0774.

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Whether you’re interested in our CBD Keto Diet Oil for sale or another product, Avid Hemp promises you will enjoy a pure CBD experience.

Avid Hemp only works with farms that meet our high standards for non-GMO, sustainable hemp. Once we receive these cannabidiol-rich buds in our shop, our technicians use the latest in CO2 extraction technology to squeeze out all the CBD goodness without any harmful toxins. To protect all of our customers, we screen all of our CBD products to make sure there’s less than 0.3 percent THC. We also list all of our lab results online for full transparency.  FYI: Avid Hemp now offers free shipping on all orders over $100 and a generous 30-day refund policy.  If you still have questions about our products and services, please send us an email at Sales@Avidhempcbd.com.