CBD Flower Hawaiian Haze 7 Grams


CBD Flower is currently at the forefront of all CBD products. Not only does it look and smell like its Cannabis counterpart, but the smoking experience is the same, too. The only difference is that CBD Flower comes with less than .3%, providing only the medicinal, calming effects of hemp. We take great pride in our CBD Flower at Avid Hemp, and we want you to see just how great it is.

Hawaiian Haze: This sharp strain has aromas of pineapple and citrus, with some floral notes. Because it is Sativa based, it might help clearness in your head, which is great for a day-time smoke, when needing to get some chores done around the house.


Why use Avid Hemp Superior CBD Flower?

While it may look similar to rich flowers, our CBD flower has nothing in it but pure CBD. ”We know looks may be deceiving, but we ensure you at Avid Hemp, our CBD Hemp Flower is 100% federally legal. This is thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill which you can read about here. Hemp flower may look the same, but it has less than 0.3% Delta-9 , meaning it’s federally legal. Offering many of the potential benefits Medical Marijuana offers people, your CBD flower allows you to do so without getting high, or needing a medical card. Each and every one of our Avid Hemp CBD Flower jars contains a QR code which can be scanned by anyone, taking you directly to our lab results, showing Avid Hemp’s CBD Flower is 100% legal, and that is has passed state testing. We work intimately with our hemp farmers, to ensure you are always getting the best CBD flower on the market. Using what nature provides us with, our flower is sun-grown, under optimally balanced pH levels in the soil. Our farmers swear by using only organic growing practices, because we wouldn’t settle for anything less. While most commonly providing our customers with a beautifully aromatic and potentially beneficial smoke, there are many other ways to consume CBD flower. You can infuse Avid Hemp’s CBD flower in any oil of your choice to add to food, salad dressings, smoothies, or even make your own CBD Oil Tincture!

Product Info:

• 7 grams
• Product contains a total Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis
• Third Party Lab Tested
• Grown in the USA

Ingredients: Industrial Hemp Flower.

Avid Hemp Superior CBD

When it comes to quality, Avid Hemp ensures you receive the best quality possible. All of our CBD products go through a trusted, third-party CBD lab test, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your CBD. When you get CBD products from Avid Hemp, your purchase will be pure, free of toxins, and contain the correct amount of CBD as stated on the label.

All of our products contain the highest quality CBD available. No matter what product you buy from Avid Hemp, you can be sure you are getting SUPERIOR CBD.

Before Avid Hemp opened for business, we already had strong relationships with hemp-farming associations in Florida and Colorado. Those relationships mean that we know exactly where our hemp is grown, by whom, and under what conditions.

We only work with growers who share our commitment to sustainable farming and strict quality-control measures. When we promise our customers the highest-quality CBD, we follow through. We know our suppliers well, and about the passion they invest in their craft.

From the hemp that provides our CBD to ingredients that enhance our products’ flavour and aroma, all of our products use superior grown ingredients wherever possible.

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Hawaiin Haze, Lifter, Sour Space Candy, Suver Haze


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