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What’s Your Morning Routine?

These days it seems like everyone from Oprah to your favorite Instagram influencer is touting the benefits of their morning routine. But what is a morning routine, and what makes them so beneficial? Simply put, a morning routine is essentially a set of actions, or a group of daily habits that you perform each morning. Usually, morning routines serve to jump start your day before your main activity such as going to work or school. A morning routine can be as simple as drinking a glass of water and journaling for 5 minutes, or as elaborate as a sophisticated vitamin/supplement regimen and a two hour workout class! Morning routines not only prepare you for your day, but have been shown to drastically increase both productivity and motivation. By cultivating healthy morning habits you can allow yourself the time, space, and energy to conquer your goals and crush your day!

Popular Foundations for a Healthy Morning Routine

Why not consider some of the following ‘Healthy Morning Habits’ as a way to build your own perfect morning routine?


Even if you can’t function without your morning cup of jo’ try to hold off on caffeine and other drinks until you properly hydrate. After sleeping for 8+ hours your body is dehydrated and needs a proper hit of H20 to replenish. Upon first waking try to drink a few large glasses of room temperature water. Consuming water will help you replenish your fluids, rehydrate the body, and jump start your digestion.

Morning Meditation:

Scientists, health coaches, and yogis alike have been singing the praises of meditation for years. Now with apps like Headspace and Calm, it has never been easier to slip a 5-20 minute morning meditation into your morning routine. Integrating meditation into your morning is important as studies show a consistent practice can reduce stress, control anxiety, improve attention spans, and promote emotional health and self awareness.


Moving your body first thing is an amazing way to wake up tired or tight muscles and boost endorphins! While many people might shy away from a full blown workout or intense gym session in the early AM, even something as simple as a 5-10 minute yoga flow or gentle stretch session is enough to reap benefits such as improved posture and increased blood flow.


If you suffer from anxiety, stress, or inflammation you may benefit from incorporating CBD oil into your morning routine. CBD Oil tinctures can easily be added to your morning beverage of choice and can counteract some of the jittery side effects of caffeine. Furthermore, consistent CBD use has been shown to relieve symptoms of both anxiety and stress in those who suffer from these disorders.

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