Is Smoking CBD Flower Safe

Is Smoking CBD Flower Safe?

There are plenty of ways that you can consume CBD, but many people like to smoke it. Some people believe that it is more effective to smoke CBD than to consume it in other ways. That way, you can experience the effects faster than you could otherwise.

Effectiveness of Smoking CBD

The way that you consume CBD plays a huge role in the amount of time it will take to be affected by it. When you inhale CBD, it can be absorbed by your body faster. When you vape or smoke it, the cannabinoids enter your lungs directly. That way, they can be absorbed into your bloodstream and enter your circulation. Within just three minutes of consuming it, it will reach its highest concentration. 

One study found that you can still detect remains of CBD in the body as long as 72 hours after it has been smoked. Another study looked at volunteers who received soft capsules that had cannabis extract. The capsules had 2.5 milligrams of THC with 1.35 milligrams of CBD in them. This study found that when it was taken orally, you could only detect CBD in the bloodstream for as long as six hours after it was ingested.

Many users like the idea of taking CBD through a vape, pipe, or a joint. Of course, you can still take it orally or even use a tincture or lotion. But there are some benefits of smoking CBD that you will not get by using other forms of consumption.

Smoking CBD vs. Smoking THC

When you are deciding whether to use a flower high in CBD or THC, you might think about whether it will get you high. But it can be a little more complicated than that. 

In the 113 cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, CBD and THC are the two most prevalent. In fact, the second most common cannabinoid in the plant is CBD. Many people think of CBD as being “nonpsychoactive.” But this can be a little misleading for some people. It is more accurate to describe it as nonintoxicating. If a substance has a direct effect on the way the brain functions, it is considered psychoactive, and CBD does have this effect.

How CBD and THC Work

How CBD and THC Work

Whether you choose THC or CBD, it can interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a system that has a group of cannabinoid receptors around your body. You can find them in your peripheral nervous system, your central nervous system, and your immune system.

When you take THC, it will bind with your CB1 receptors to make you high. CBD, on the other hand, has an opposite effect on the CB1 receptors. It acts as an antagonist. That is the main difference between these cannabinoids. A more accurate way of describing the way that CBD works is nonintoxicating. When you use it with other compounds or by itself, it will not make you high.

Is It Safe to Smoke CBD Flower?

There is more research needed on how effective different methods of using CBD are. However, a lot of evidence suggests that smoking or vaping only CBD may not cause intoxicating effects. If you decide to smoke the flower, you will want to get pure CBD. When you smoke, there are concerns about potential negative effects on your lungs.

Smoking any type of cannabis, even ones high in CBD, may cause respiratory issues. One study from 2007 looked at people who had used cannabis and cigarettes and reported respiratory problems. The study showed that using a vaporizer may help decrease respiratory symptoms if you decide to go the smoking route. 

Choosing the Right CBD 

One 2017 study found that not every CBD product may be what it says it is. When testing various products, the researchers found a range of concentrations. For example, about 26 percent of the products had less CBD than what was on the label. That might negate the potential benefits. However, if you get your CBD from a reputable supplier, you are more likely to get what you are paying for.

Benefits of Smoking CBD

Benefits of Smoking CBD

You might be wondering why you might want to smoke CBD and look at how it works compared to oral use. Some studies have shown that smoking may help increase the product’s bioavailability. That is the proportion of the substance that will enter your circulatory system. If you do not take a medication intravenously, the bioavailability will drop.

Smoking may help increase the absorption. Of course, the way that you smoke it will have an impact on this. For example, the volume of the inhalation, the hold time, and the spacing of your puffs will all play a role.

When you vape or smoke your CBD flower, the cannabinoids will enter your lungs directly before they are absorbed into your bloodstream and circulate throughout your body. You can feel the effects almost as soon as you use the flower.

Ingesting CBD

When you ingest the substance, CBD must first enter your digestive tract. The liver will metabolize it and break it down. Then, it can enter the bloodstream. A process in the liver may reduce the concentration of CBD before it enters your blood. However, when you apply it to your skin, CBD is about 10 times higher than the permeability of THC.

Smoking CBD Oil

You can infuse CBD in many types of products, including capsules, edibles, and oil. You will ingest a tincture, but CBD oils can be inhaled. You also can put this substance in a vape pen.

Closing Thoughts

More research is still needed on how safe it really is to smoke your CBD flower. However, keep in mind that if you decide to use CBD with your THC, the CBD might prevent you from getting as high. Some studies suggest that smoking your flower may not be good for your respiratory health over the long term. However, you may want to consider vaping instead.

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