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What You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Your Pets

As with any wellness trend, there’s a ton of information floating around about the effects of using CBD oil on our furry friends. Of course, like any pet owner, we all just want what is best for our pets. This leads to the question, “Is CBD oil the right fit for my pet?”

We’re going to give you the breakdown of using CBD oil on your dog or cat, and what are the effects that it can have on our furry companions.

What is CBD? What effects does it cause?

CBD otherwise known as cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabis and hemp.

Unlike marijuana, CBD and hemp products don’t have any psychoactive properties. That means you can use CBD products to get all the benefits of cannabis without getting the “high” effect that is often associated with marijuana.

So, you can rest easy knowing that if you do decide to go the route of CBD oil for your pets, they won’t get high.

How does CBD help pets?

Now for the big question, if you were to actually use CBD oil on your dog or cat, how can it actually help them?

We’ve all heard the hype about how CBD oil can cure cancer and stop tumor growth. While there have been studies that indicate this could be true, we just don’t have the research yet to prove it. However, CBD oil has been proven to have several benefits, including:

  • Pain
  • Neurological disorders (seizures, tics, spasms)
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Nausea
  • Appetite

That’s a lot of benefits that could happen from one little product! All the benefits and more are just some of the reasons that so many people have been raving about CBD oil.

Can CBD oil have a negative effect on pets?

You might be looking at the list above and thinking, that sounds great but what are the side effects? Just like it’s important to know all the positives, we need to take a short look at the possible negative effects that could happen if you use CBD oil on your pets.

The biggest side effect that most pet owners notice in their pets is drowsiness. Especially if you have an older pet, it might be difficult to tell if they actually have an increase in drowsiness. However, this has been a commonly reported symptom of using CBD oil. Other possible side effects include dry-mouth and lowered blood pressure.

However, despite possible drowsiness and maybe an increase in appetite, most vets agree that life-threatening risks for using CBD oil on your pets are extremely rare. As long as you follow proper dosing instructions, your pet should be perfectly fine.

What do vets say?

It’s important to note that even in states where marijuana is legal, vets can still potentially be held liable for prescribing CBD and hemp products. Because of this, there hasn’t been a lot of definitive research that’s been able to be done in this area. And, many vets would hesitate to recommend it to clients.

This doesn’t mean CBD is dangerous in any way. It just means that the industry is a little bit behind when it comes to CBD innovations, and vets have to be cautious about recommending it because of state legislation.

Thankfully, with the rising trend of these products, more and more research is being done and vets are starting to gather the information they need to better advise their clients. Down the line, hopefully, sooner then we think, vets will be able to legally prescribe CBD products.

CBD oil is great for pets!

So there you have it, you’ve got the breakdown that you need to CBD oil for your pets. If you’re interested in actually trying some out on your furry friend, we do offer CBD Pets that can help bring your pets the same relief that you experience with CBD products.

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